We need buildings, and we know that they affect our environments, whether it’s by changing the landscape and becoming a new destination, impacting traffic patterns, and by using energy and water and generating waste. 

Buildings in Meadowvale North Business Park are built to meet the needs of the businesses that occupy them, while minimizing the adverse impacts on the environment around them. To that end, there are many initiatives in place, including an energy and environmental management system through an online application, RealData, an environmentally friendly landscape management program, tenant engagement programs, and industry-leading recycling programs. 



Read our latest Sustainability Scorecard to learn more about our footprint and environmental performance.


Energy, Water and Greenhouse Gases

We are focused on reducing energy use and the resulting greenhouse gases, as well as reducing water use. We achieve reductions through three approaches: upgrading systems in the buildings, improving operations within the buildings, and working with our tenants to change behaviour to reduce resource use. 

For example, we make efforts to change equipment where feasible to improve efficiency of heating and cooling equipment when doing replacements, and installing more LED lighting wherever possible. Operational changes may include scheduling changes when key systems are in use, or subtle temperature tweaks that can improve efficiency without affecting comfort. 

Waste Management

Our industry-leading recycling program allows our tenants to divert most materials from landfill.  We collect paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, organic materials, e-waste, toner and ink cartridges, pens, eye glasses and more to help reduce what goes to landfill.  Moreover, we work with our tenants to reduce the amount of waste being generated by encouraging reuse programs, and holding educational sessions on waste management periodically. We receive waste diversion reports on a monthly basis and conduct an annual waste audit to continually monitor progress and challenges.

Indoor and Outdoor Environment

Active management of our indoor environments includes managing comfort through simple architectural features such as window shades and window film to reduce solar gain and glare.  Annual air quality testing and monitoring programs are standard practices.

As a large park, our outdoor environment is a significant area of potential impact. Our green landscaping program includes all electric-powered equipment for summer maintenance including all lawnmowers and trimmers. Drought-resistant plants are in place, and any irrigation is on an intelligent system that responds to current conditions and considers weather forecasts as well.  Winter snow and ice management programs include sustainable ice melting products, responsible placement of snow piles, and other efforts to minimize the use of salt.